Flips for kids will be closed until further notice. Stay safe!

Where Every Child Is a Star!!

Where Every Child Is a Star!!

Where Every Child Is a Star!!Where Every Child Is a Star!!Where Every Child Is a Star!!


Tuition Policy

Tuition is due at your child's first class of each month. It is a flat rate. If the gym is closed we will modify the tuition for that month. (Extra (5th) days in the month are our gift to you. They can be used as a make-up or just a free class for you.)

A 15% discount will be given to students that pay ahead for 3 months. A 15% discount will be given to siblings. Discounts are not combined.


Make-up classes are offered, but must be scheduled during the month in which the regular classes were missed. There will be a maximum of 2 make-ups per month as long as there is availability. If your child is a "no show/no call" that class will not be eligible for a make-up.

Missed classes will not be taken off your bill (or applied to the next month), so make sure to schedule make-ups.


Please make sure your child arrives 5 mins before class starts. If your child misses the first half of stretches, they may not participate in class. Warm-up/stretching is mandatory at Flips for Kids.

No: jeans, pants/shorts with snaps, buttons or buckles, jewelry, gum, shoes, socks, or tights with feet.

Parents who wish to observe are welcome to do so from the observation area ONLY. Please do not enter the gymnastics area.

Please make sure that your child has their hair tied up.

For the safety of students in class keep noise/coaching from the observation area to a minimum. No flash photography.